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Create Real Customer Connections With Moments of Marketing Magic

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Effective, actionable marketing can create meaningful and long-lasting customer connections. See how omnichannel campaigns incorporating the unique qualities of direct mail can create marketing magic.

Abstract illustration depicting multiple marketing channels converging into a single message.

It’s easier than ever to get in front of customers, but harder than ever to really “wow” them. But with strategic omnichannel marketing and the right mix of technology and tradition, you can forge personal relationships with your customers that lead to moments of marketing magic.

6 Ways to Spark Magic in Your Next Campaign

Explore a few omnichannel strategies—incorporating both physical and digital channels—that can help create personalized moments of marketing magic.

Create a special customer experience

Abstract illustration depicting customers on a mobile screen, with stars and icons surrounding it.

Tailored marketing can make customers feel understood and help your brand stand out from the crowd. Use data to your advantage to see which products certain segments are drawn to, which channels they prefer and what kind of messaging gets them to respond. Include customer names in communications to make them feel valued and appreciated, and engage with them directly through your social channels.

Provide a personal, human touch

Abstract illustration depicting a birthday mailpiece, a notepad and a promotional discount.

In the age of digital, physical marketing holds an air of novelty and offers a welcome reprieve from the daily onslaught of digital ads. Send mailers with discounts and happy wishes on customers’ birthdays. You can also include items worth saving—such as a beautifully designed, branded notepad, bookmark or calendar—something that provides real use to customers while helping to keep your brand top of mind.

Create a unique sensory experience

Abstract illustration showing shapes of various sizes and colors to represent mailpiece materials.

Digital marketing can be impersonal and easy to ignore, but direct mail can offer a uniquely tactile experience and set your brand apart. With Customized MarketMail® (CMM®), you can include sophisticated pop-up features, inserts with die cuts, varnishes, or special finishes that create texture. These mailpieces can be crafted of nearly any material, including paper, plastic and foam.

Create a feeling of exclusivity

Abstract illustration showing a customer, a mobile phone with a special offer, and a discount code.

Make customers feel important—like they’re part of an elite club. Consider setting up a loyalty program that allows customers to earn rewards for purchases, provides limited-time offers and gives first access to exciting promos. Use eye-catching, personalized mailpieces and coordinated digital ads to keep customers up to date on upcoming events, sales and brand announcements.

Integrate physical and digital marketing

Abstract illustration of mailpieces with a QR Code included, converging into an electronic channel.

Connecting digital and physical marketing can create a seamless and actionable omnichannel experience, allowing you to engage customers who are less responsive to digital-only ads. By including a QR Code®[1] on a mailer, for example, you can lead customers right to your online store, social channel or other digital experience—keeping them in the brand ecosystem and making it easy for them to explore further.

Tap into advanced technologies

Abstract illustration depicting a QR Code, mobile device and virtual reality headset.

Digital enhancements like QR Codes, near-field communication (NFC), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offer exciting new ways to connect digital and physical marketing. With NFC-enabled mail, for example, customers can simply place their mobile device over a mailer to launch an immersive digital experience—such as a video showcasing resort amenities, product tips or a behind-the-scenes business tour.

A Spectrum of Magical Marketing Tactics

The strategies discussed here can be implemented using various tactics, ranging from seller-centric to customer-centric.

In other words, some tactics will be more focused on selling products or services that meet the needs of the business, while other tactics will be more focused on meeting—and exceeding—the needs of the customer. Both can help encourage engagement, move customers toward transaction and drive lasting loyalty.

Explore the marketing spectrum to discover some of the most effective tactics for achieving marketing magic.

Key Takeaway

To stand out among the competition and amid the daily slew of ads, marketers must forge real connections with their customers. Well-connected omnichannel campaigns that incorporate uniquely tactile, personalized direct mail can help spark the magic.

  1. [1]QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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